Conference: Asylum Seekers in Europe: A New Transcultural Home or A Homeless Nation?

9h30 - 17h30
online: Zoom
Zohre Esmaeli Foundation

With the ongoing Russian war on Ukraine, there have been many tensions, debates, and questions regarding the blatant differential treatment of Ukrainian refugees in comparison to non-Ukrainian refugee and migrant groups. In light of these dynamics, there is an urgent need to understand, analyze, and reflect on the European Union’s stance, its migration, asylum, and integration policies, as well as the “cultural” logics and lines of argumentation that inform these policies. Therefore, at this conference we foreground transculturality as a framework to reflect on the entanglements of EU asylum systems, migration and integration policies, (trans)cultural dynamics, and the realities of refugee and migrant lives, identities, and political and social participation in so-called post-migrant societies.