Country and professional profiles

In addition, there are country profiles for the following historical states: Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.
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Country profiles

The country profiles provide information on foreign vocational training systems and help you to locate a vocational qualification in the education system of the respective country. You will find in the country profiles:

  • Description of the vocational training system
  • Illustration of educational pathways and degrees
  • Information on historical developments and current reform processes
  • Information on country-specific peculiarities

and much more.

Professional profiles

The professional profiles contain comprehensive information on initial and continuing training occupations abroad. The professional profiles enable you to assess foreign professional qualifications in comparison to German professional qualifications. You will find in the professional profiles:

  • Names of the foreign degrees in original language and in German
  • Descriptions of the professional qualifications with its learning objectives
  • Training content and training regulations
  • Information on duration of training and training institutions

and much more.


The country and professional profiles have been compiled by experts in recognition and assessment of vocational credentials and academics. Editors from the various assessment authorities as well as experts from the Cologne Institute for Economic Research are working on the country and professional profiles together. The knowledge and expertise of those involved results in information of the highest quality. The profiles are continuously expanded. The information on the country and professional profiles is only available in German.