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You have received a job application with a professional qualification obtained abroad but you do not know whether it is appropriate or sufficient. Or: You already have employees with foreign professional qualifications and are wondering whether you could place them in a position better suited to their qualifications - and thus make optimal use of your available human resources.

The BQ Portal is there to help you resolve these issues. The website provides comprehensive information about foreign vocational training systems and professional qualifications to help you assess your international staff’s or a job applicant’s competences, skills and abilities. Additionally, the BQ Portal offers background information on assessment practices in Germany.

On the following pages, you will find guidelines on the following topics:

Grafik Anerkennungsverfahren begleiten
What benefits can you and your employees expect from recognition process? Why is it worth your while to support an international job applicant or existing employee in having their foreign qualifications recognised? Here we list the advantages a formal assessment of foreign professional qualifications offer you and your employees.
Grafik beim Verfahren unterstützen
In this section we demonstrate how companies can assist the employees in having their foreign qualifications recognised. Depending on whether the skilled worker is applying from abroad or from within Germany, the options for assistance can differ.
Grafik Anerkennungsbescheid
The notification indicates the extent to which a foreign qualification corresponds to its German counterpart. Find out what partial, full or no equivalence mean.
Grafik Anpassungsqualifizierung
In the case of partial equivalence with the German reference occupation, the existing differences can be compensated with the help of an adaptation qualification (for non-regulated occupations) or compensation measure (for regulated occupations). In this section we will show you what a qualification can look like in concrete terms.
Grafik Ansprechpartner für Unternehmen
If you want to accompany the recognition process, you and the applicant can use various information and advice offers. To do this, you can contact the responsible bodies in the recognition process.
Grafik FAQ für Unternehmen
In the following you will find answers to frequently asked questions about occupational recognition. The focus is on the perspective of accompanying companies.
Würfelgrafik Ansprechpartner
If you as a company would like to support an international candidate or employee in having their foreign qualification recognized, you may use or point them to existing offers of information and advice.
Grafik Qualifikationen von Flüchtlingen
On this page, companies get an overview of the qualifications of refugees in Germany. You will also find country profiles with information on education and vocational training in the main countries of origin and contact persons for all aspects of the integration of refugees in companies.
BQ-Portal für Unternehmen
The Recognition Act can be seen as part of a new welcoming culture in Germany. Find out what advantages a company culture that embraces international staff and diversity offers for your business.
Grafik Praxisbeispiele
Recognition as a recruitment strategy: The Horst Busch Elektro-Technik GmbH in Hamburg specifically recruits skilled workers who have obtained their professional qualifications abroad. This Hamburg-based electrical company does not only facilitate the professional recognition of employees who hold foreign qualifications – it also covers the associated costs of the recognition process. They are feeling confident: given the shortage of qualified personnel in this field, this investment will pay off in no time.