Adaptation qualification

With the help of adaptation qualification, the significant differences leading to only partial equivalence can be compensated in cases of non-regulated professions. This section shows the adaptation qualification in greater detail.
Grafik Anpassungsqualifizierung

If significant differences are determined between the foreign professional qualification and the German reference qualification, they will be listed in the recognition notification.

  • If the German reference qualification is a non-regulated profession, an adaptation qualification is suggested in order to achieve full equivalence. We show your further how you can be of assistance for your employee in such a case.
  • In the case of regulated professions, a compensatory measure is a prerequisite for being able to work in the respective profession. In this case, the competent body decides on a compensation measure needed. Those can be the aptitude test, the knowledge test and the adaptation period.

Identifying the right measure for your skilled worker

When identifying the right adaptation qualification, you as a company should consider each application individually and rely on the employee’s recognition notification. Since the recognition notification is based not only on contents of the vocational training but also on the individual work experience. Furthermore, the measure should be discussed with the competent body. In order to get assistance in choosing a tailored measure you can also contact the job center as well as different training providers.

An overview of the financial aids for adaptation qualification provided by the employment agency you can find on the website of the Project Professional recognition for business, only in German.

As a company, you can also be of assistance to your employee while choosing a suitable adaptation qualification. You can help your employee to prepare for the adaptation qualification in terms of content and language or, for example, you can financially support a language course or adaptation qualification itself.

Following examples demonstrate how an adaptation qualification can look like.

Option : in-company training

If you want to offer a foreign professional an in-company training to get full recognition, then you should define the learning contents of the training together with the competent body. You can also benefit from the training courses the competent body or the job center has to offer, in case you cannot provide all contents required for full recognition in your training. After completing the in-company training, the applicant receives a written confirmation of knowledge and skills acquired. On the base of this confirmation the competent body checks whether knowledge and skills are sufficient to compensate for the significant differences to the German reference qualification.

The Project Professional recognition for business has developed various materials or "tools", particularly for the craft sector, which support companies in their function as a learning location for an adaptation qualification. This includes a sample contract and various information sheets for companies.

Tip: Companies in trade and industry that are looking for skilled workers can take advantage of the UBAconnect service. The idea: Companies register without obligation with UBAconnect as a qualification company for skilled workers with foreign professional qualifications and are contacted if there is a match - a suitable skilled worker - for them. In this way, they help skilled workers to have their foreign professional qualifications recognized with help of in-company trainings and can also attract new qualified employees. To registration.

Fachkräfte durch Anpassungsqualifizierung gewinnen
Option 2: further training courses or supra-company training

Besides in-company training, foreign professionals can compensate the lacking skills in the further training course or in the supra-company training workshops. The training is based either on individually tailored measures, modular adaptation or second chance qualification courses.

The network Integration through Qualification (IQ Network) has advice centers throughout Germany where you can obtain information and advice on adaptation qualification in your region. Or you can check the course provided in your region directly on the website of the network.