The Skilled Immigration Act came into force!

The time has come: The Specialist Immigration Act came into force on 1st March 2020.

The Specialist Immigration Act facilitates the immigration of qualified specialists from third countries. The accelerated procedure also shortens the recognition procedure.

It is now important that applicants receive fast and reliable assistance, which is ensured by the Service Center for Professional Recognition (ZSBA), among others. It will take on a pilot function for applicants in the complex system of recognition of foreign vocational qualifications in Germany. This is primarily intended to help skilled workers who are still abroad and are at the beginning of their job search in Germany. The service centre supports the skilled workers in compiling the necessary documents for the competent bodies, provides information on regional counselling and qualification offers and helps in the search for an employer. This relieves the competent bodies and accelerates the procedures.

On the BQ-Portal you will find important information on the recognition and assessment of foreign vocational qualifications. The BQ-Portal comprises more than 3,800 occupational profiles containing comprehensive information on foreign initial and continuing training occupations. The occupational profiles enable you to assess foreign vocational qualifications in comparison with German vocational qualifications.

What is exactly changing and what specialists from third countries should consider with regard to the recognition of their professional qualifications can be found at Recognition in Germany.
On the homepage of Make-it-in-Germany, the Federal Government's portal for skilled workers from abroad, you will find all relevant information about the new law, entry possibilities and procedural steps, which are illustrated in a short film.