2019 Report on the Recognition Act now available!

The federal cabinet approved the fifth report on the Recognition Act. The report bundles the results of the recognition monitoring and, as in previous years, provides important information on the current development in the area of professional recognition - at the political level as well as in practice.

The report on the Recognition Act bundles the empirical data and facts evaluated by the Recognition Monitoring and presents them with numerous graphs and a fact sheet. In terms of data collection, there is a fundamental innovation in 2019: for the first time, the report includes data from the Federal Government, the German States and the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). A preliminary version of the report in German is already available for download.

For seven years now, foreigners have been able to have their professional qualifications recognised in Germany. Since the introduction of the law, chambers and state examination offices have been registering more and more recognised vocational qualifications every year. In 2018, 36,400 foreign qualifications were fully or partially recognised, a new record! The annual number of applications has doubled since the German Recognition Act came into force. A total of 140,700 applications were filed between 2012 and 2018.

The need for information on foreign professional qualifications increases. This is where the BQ-Portal comes in. With our knowledge and work platform, companies and chambers can better assess and evaluate foreign vocational qualifications. Over 3,750 foreign vocational profiles and 93 descriptions of vocational training systems are available.

2019 Report on Recognition Act (in German)