New regulations of the Skilled Immigration Act come into force

On March 1, 2024, further new changes to the amendment of the Skilled Immigration Act (FEG) come into force.

The most important regulations of the FEG are presented below, particularly in terms of recognition of professional qualifications: 

  • Skilled workers can enter in Germany to take up employment as part of the recognition partnership, and to complete the recognition procedure of their professional qualification at the same time. The requirements are a qualification for at least two years, recognized by the government of the country of training, and a proof of German language skills at A2 level.  Recognition of the professional qualification takes place after the entry in Germany.

  • On the other hand, skilled workers can work in Germany without having recognized their professional qualification, if they have completed at least two years vocational training in a non-regulated profession and have two years of relevant professional experience in the last five years. The professional qualification must be recognized by the country of training.  Salary regulations must be considered here. 

  • By a notification of partial equivalence, skilled workers can enter Germany to attend qualification measure programs to achieve full equivalence. The period of residence permit is 24 months and can be extended by a further year.

The BQ-Portal - the information portal for foreign professional qualifications is an important tool in the implementation of the Recognition Act and the Skilled Immigration Act. On the BQ-Portal you will find important information on the evaluation and classification of foreign professional qualifications. The BQ-Portal has over 5,700 job profiles providing detailed information on foreign professional qualifications. You can use the job profiles to evaluate foreign professional certificates in comparison to German professional qualifications.

The upcoming changes are explained at "Make it in Germany".