New Skilled Immigration Act comes into force

The new Skilled Immigration Act (FEG) makes it easier for skilled workers with vocational training and individuals with practical knowledge to immigrate to Germany. The first amendments of the Skilled Immigration Act came into force on November 18, 2023.
  • In future, skilled workers with professional or academic training will have an entitlement to a residence permit if all requirements are met. Skilled workers with a completed professional qualification or higher education qualification are permitted to perform any qualified employment activity in the non-regulated sector. Training and employment no longer need to be related. The employment of drivers is also being simplified.

  • For skilled workers with a higher education qualification, the possibilities for immigration to Germany from third countries with an EU Blue Card will be expanded. Salary thresholds, for example, will be significantly lowered, the group of people expanded, the list of professions extended, short and long-term mobility made possible and family reunification facilitated. IT specialists can also obtain an EU Blue Card without a qualification if they have the relevant professional experience.

See the website “Make it in Germany” for the amendments coming into force from March and June 2024.