Guide to § 17a of the German Residency Act now in English

The IQ Competence Centre for Counselling and Job Training of Migrants in cooperation with the IQ Competence Centre for Securing Skill Base supports the implementation of § 17a of the German Residence Act with a new guideline in English. This guide, which was originally published in German, aims to provide all relevant stakeholders with a practical, easy-to-understand summary of the main steps, players and requirements involved in the procedures around Section 17a of the German Residence Act.

Section 17a of the German Residence Act entered into force on 1 August 2015, introducing a new channel for the entry and residence of skilled migrants from third countries. This residence permit, which has a duration of up to 18 months, is targeted at foreign professionals who have undergone a German procedure for credential assessment and have obtained only a partial recognition of their qualifications.

The new provision gives them the opportunity to come to Germany to complete the necessary compensation measures, obtain full equivalence, and thus become able to work in their professions. Once they obtain full professional recognition, residence permit holders are entitled to stay in the country to seek work for up to one year. 

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Guide to § 17a of the German Residency Act