New website of Alliance for initial and further training

From now on, Alliance for initial and further training has its own website. The partners in the Alliance have a shared interest in improving and strengthening the dual system. The business community, the trade unions, the Federation and the Länder want to work together in the Alliance for Initial and Further Training and ensure that vocational training remains fit for the future and promote it amongst young people and their parents, in schools and higher education institutions, and in society in general.

The new website provides you with information on the initiatives and projects run by the Alliance partners – from programs on career guidance to comprehensive information on recognition of foreign credentials and qualifications. The current focus lies on the special services for refugees. If you are interested in the regional initiatives, then the new website of Alliance for initial and further training is the right internet platform. It consolidates the relevant information on the local projects implemented by the alliance partners.

The alliance partners, including federal ministries, social partners and chambers, will work together both to attract more high-achieving young people into vocational training and to make it possible for more young people with worse initial prospects, young people with migration-related problems, and people with disabilities to enter vocational training. The new instrument of assisted training particularly aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises, which offer training to lower-achieving young people.

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Website of Alliance for initial and further training