A new residence permit introduced in order to facilitate professional recognition

In the beginning of July, the Federal Government passed an act revising the residence rights and thereby created new options for immigration of skilled workers wishing to have their foreign credentials recognized in Germany. A new act is aimed at facilitating immigration of professionals who received only partial recognition and want to obtain full recognition in order to find a job in Germany that matches their skills. For this purpose, the Federal Government introduced a new residence permit.

According to the article 17a of the Residence Law amended by the new act, skilled workers can come to Germany for 18 months in order to compete the compensation measures needed for obtaining full equivalence and being able to work in their professions. Under the compensation measures all training programs in the context of the Recognition Act are understood. These include e.g. the adaptation training courses, language courses or work-related training courses. Furthermore, the article 17a entitles foreigners to enter Germany for the purpose of completing an aptitude test and seeking work after the compensation measure.  New residence permit makes it also possible to take up employment in the same occupational field as the profession to be recognized while completing the compensation measure.

Further important amendments to the Residence Law are the following:

  • Suspension of deportation during the vocational training;
  • New provisions on the residence rights for well-integrated foreigners notwithstanding their age or effective date;
  • New provisions on the residence rights of well-integrated adolescents.

Further information on the act revising the residence rights.