The BQ-Portal gets into the final round of the European Public Sector Award

In recognition of its brilliant public achievements, the BQ-Portal gets into the final for the European Public Sector Award. The European Public Sector Award (EPSA) was launched to identify particularly innovative and successful projects. This award is aimed to encourage administrative agencies throughout Europe to learn from the best practices of others and to modernize their structures.

Since 2007, EPSA has been awarded every two years. The EPSA 2015 edition invited public administrations across Europe to apply under an overarching theme: “The Public Sector as Partner for a Better Society”. 266 applications were submitted from 36 European countries and EU institutions. The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy submitted its project - the information portal for foreign professional qualifications, the BQ-Portal. Based on the online evaluation and the consensus meeting 64 projects were selected as Best Practice Certificate recipients (detailed list). The BQ-Portal is the only German recipient!  Thus, the BQ-Portal got in the final for the first prize. The award ceremony will take place in Maastricht, on 17-18 November. The EPSA will be bestowed in four categories:

  • project implemented at the European, national and regional level
  • project implemented at the supra-local or local level
  • significant cross-border project
  • significant cross-administrative or cross-sectoral project

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