About the portal

The BQ-Portal is the only service in Germany to provide comprehensive information on foreign professional qualifications and vocational training systems. It fosters transparency and consistency.

The Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications Act came into force in April 2012. Under this act, anyone who has obtained professional qualifications abroad can have these assessed to determine equivalence to German qualifications. This is all made possible by the BQ Portal, which is there to support:

  • Chambers of Skilled Crafts, Chambers of Industry and Commerce, Chambers of Agriculture, and competent bodies for liberal professions, which can find valuable information and practical guidelines on how to evaluate foreign qualifications.
  • Companies who require further information to better assess the equivalence of the foreign qualifications held by their applicants.
  • Individuals who would like to have their foreign professional qualifications assessed and wish to know  how to proceed.
Hintergrund und Ziele
Find out why the BQ-Portal was launched and how it contributes to securing a skilled workforce in Germany.
BQ-Portal Grafik Organisation
Find out who launched the project and who is responsible for implementation and development of the portal.
If you have a question regarding BQ-Portal, please check our FAQ (frequently asked questions). If your question is not answered yet, please contact us at projektbuero@bq-portal.de.

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