2017 Report on the Recognition Act now available in English

The 2017 report marks the fifth anniversary of the law and reveals that success has been achieved right across the board. Efficient administrative struc­tures, comprehensive information and guidance provision have been established over the past five years. The number of recognition applications is continuing to rise. Three quarters of all recognition notices certified full equivalence between foreign and German qualifications. The results of the external evaluation confirm that professional or occupational recognition is improving people’s life circumstances. Recognition is working!

All of this will deliver great benefits in terms of future employment opportunities. There has been a sharp increase of over 50 percent in the immigrant employment rate. Nine in ten skilled workers with a foreign qualification have been able to find work following successful completion of a recognition procedure. Monthly income grows by an average of €1,000. Professional or occupational re­cognition is an important element in terms of combat­ing shortages on the labour market, especially in pro­fessions and occupations that have a high demand for skilled staff, such as nursing and the electrical sector.


Recognition is working! Evidence of this is readily available in the form of the successes achieved here in Germany and is also reflected in the high degree of international interest in the German recognition sys­tem. 


Report on the Recognition Act in English


Fact Sheet: Important Results of the Recognition Monitoring Project in English