Shortage of qualified professionals: red alert for many professions

The “2013 Shortage Analysis” conducted by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) on behalf of the BMWi’s competence centre has found that companies in Germany increasingly have trouble filling vacancies because there are not enough suitable candidates.

According to the study, there are currently staff shortages in 111 professions. Comparing the number of unemployed people with vacancies in December 2012, the study found that qualified professionals are needed in all areas, most of all in professions requiring vocational training. In that area, there are shortages in 58 professions, which accounts for 20 percent of all professions requiring vocational training. Among the ten professions with the most severe shortages overall, there are eight professions requiring vocational training and one requiring further training, including refrigeration and air-conditioning engineers, geriatric nurses, mechatronics engineers and electricians. The greatest shortage was found amongst nursing professionals, where there are 27 unemployed nurses with further training qualifications for every 100 registered vacancies. As far as the individual vocational areas are concerned, energy and electrics as well as mechanical and automotive engineering are most affected by shortages. About half of the professions in these areas report a lack of candidates.

The study will help companies identify areas in which they are likely to have problems recruiting suitable staff, so that they can take appropriate measures early on. Those about to embark on their careers can also use the study’s analysis to help them with their decisions.

Further information on the study