Recruiting qualified professionals from abroad: new information for companies on “Make it in Germany”

International teams are an asset: by recruiting staff from abroad, employers not only bring highly qualified employees into the company. With their new approaches and their experience of other cultural backgrounds, international qualified professionals also enrich corporate culture.

By searching for new employees beyond your national borders, you cover your own needs for skilled labour with qualified immigrants and also, thanks to the specific knowledge of markets, countries and languages of your new recruits, gain intercultural skills that can open up new opportunities for you on international markets.

From now on, “Make it in Germany” provides information on the regulations applying to qualified migrants for entering and working in Germany that businesses need to take into account – and how companies can support their new recruits, for example in obtaining a visa. Furthermore, companies can find out here how to create and foster a culture of diversity, thereby ensuring that all their employees have the chance to do their bit and are valued. Companies can also download guidelines on all issues related to recruiting and integrating international qualified professionals. Besides, you can view on “Make it in Germany” successful stories about recruiting qualified professionals from abroad.

In case you got questions about recruiting and integrating international qualified professionals, you can contact the staff of the portal “Make it in Germany”.

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