Recognition of UK professional qualifications after a No-Deal Brexit

The United Kingdom leaves the European Union at the end of October - possibly without an agreement. What does a No-Deal-Brexit mean for the recognition of foreign qualifications?

The deadline for withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU was postponed to 31 October 2019. If the Withdrawal Agreement is not signed before that, the EU law will no longer apply to Great Britain. 

After the Recognition Act came into effect on 1 April 2012, holders of foreign professional qualifications can have their qualifications recognized or evaluated by an assessment authority (e.g. chamber of trade or industry), irrespective of their nationality and residence permit. As part of the recognition process, the applicant’s foreign qualification is being compared to the corresponding German qualification in order to determine their equivalence.

EU and EEA citizens are also subject to the EU Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications, which simplifies the recognition procedure for regulated professions such as master craftsmen. If no withdrawal agreement is signed with the UK, the EU Directive will no longer apply to UK credentials. Thus, applications for recognition of professional qualifications filed in after 31 October 2019 would be subject to the recognition rules for professional qualifications from non-EU countries.

Recognition rules for professional qualifications from non-EU countries

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