A new app „Recognition in Germany“ – a shortcut to professional recognition

The new app informs refugees about possibilities of recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany. The app "Recognition in Germany" is available in the five main languages spoken by refugees, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Tigrinya and Pashto, as well as in English and in German. The app is compatible with Android, IOS and Windows. It offers an introduction into the subject "Professional Recognition" explains the recognition process in a simple language and provides links to the information and counselling services.

Federal Education Minister Johanna Wanka says: “After the first care and housing for refugees is provided, our attention is focused more on education and professional development of refugees. For this, refugees and their supporters need reliable information, which enables an easy orientation in questions of professional recognition without language barriers. This is where our app will prove useful.”

The new app provides an easy access to the counselling services, as the users get the contact details of the nearest office of the program “Integration through Qualification (IQ)”. The IQ offices provide personal counselling and support in the questions of professional recognition. The app is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and provided by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education. As of now, the app can be downloaded for free at www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.de/app. At the same time the portal “Recognition in Germany” is now also available in Arabic, bringing the total amount of languages in which the portal offers an advisory service to nine.

Further information on the portal “Recognition in Germany” [in German].