Increase in recognition of foreign professional qualifications

The Federal Statistic Office reports that almost 12,000 foreign professional qualifications were recognized in 2013. This contributes considerably to securing an adequate supply of skilled workers.

In April 2012 the Recognition Act, which provides the legal basis for recognizing foreign professional qualifications, came into force. Since then, German authorities received around 26,500 applications for recognition of professional qualifications obtained abroad. More than 19,000 applicants were granted full or partial recognition. The applications were submitted primarily by migrants from the European Union (6,600), other European countries (2,500) and Asia (1,700).

82% of all applications for recognition submitted related to health professions, including nurses and geriatric nurses. However, the numbers also show a solid share of applications in electrical, mechanical and energy professions. In view of serious skill shortages in both sectors, the Recognition Act proves to be an important part of securing an adequate supply of skilled Labor.