The digital Statement of Comparability

The Statement of Comparability has been converted to a digital process. All application, processing and issuing procedures will be from now on digital.

The Statement of Comparability is a procedure for assessing foreign higher education qualifications which is carried out by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). It describes the nature and duration of the higher education training and names its equivalent in the German education system, such as a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree. The Statement of Comparability contains an electronic signature and a Digital Seal. The authenticity of the document can be verified at any time. 

The Statement of Comparability is useful for skilled workers as it certifies and describes the quality of the foreign higher education qualification in German. They can use it as proof of their qualification for better chances on the German labor market and for a faster entry into Germany.

See the Website of ZAB for further Information on the digital Statement of Comparability.