Contact points and advisory centers on professional recognition now also outside Germany

In Germany thanks to the three central information portals for recognition of foreign professional qualifications, “BQ-Portal”, “Recognition in Germany” and “anabin”, there is a wide range of information on the recognition process. From now on, the new project “ProRecognition” aims to offer also in other countries comprehensive information on the possibilities of having foreign qualifications recognised in Germany.

The “ProRecognition” project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry. As a result of this project, the German Foreign Chambers of Commerce as well as Delegation of German Industry and Commerce will become the first contact points and advisory offices on the recognition procedure in Germany. Thereby the international professionals will be able to get competent advice on recognition of foreign professional qualifications already abroad. This is a very important step since foreign professionals can file a recognition application from abroad and thus need the on location support while filling out the application form and gathering the documents. The new project will thereby facilitate the integration of qualified professionals into the German labour market. It is being implemented since Autumn 2015 – in the first phase the German Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Egypt, China, India, Iran, Italy, Morocco, Poland and Vietnam are taking part in the project.

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