All our compact country overviews are now available in English

You want to foster integration of refugees? Or: You have already received a job application from a refugee and do not know how to evaluate his or her qualification and to determine whether the qualification is appropriate for the employment you are offering. Have a closer look at our compact country overviews, which are now available in English. They will give you a valuable insight into the country of origin of refugees in question and its education system. Our country overviews are available for following countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Eritrea.

You will find in the country overviews:

  • information on population and educational attainment in the relevant country;
  • number of asylum seekers from that country in the European Union;
  • a short overview of the education system and its particularities;
  • illustration of educational pathways and degrees;
  • as well as examples of successful labour market integration of refugees thanks to recognition of foreign professional qualifications.

Our country overviews as well as further information on qualifications of refugees you can find in the section “Qualifications of refugees”.

If you need more detailed information on foreign vocational education and training or on concrete foreign professional qualifications, have a closer look at our country profiles and professional profiles

Our country profiles provide you with a description of an education system, its particularities, information on historical developments and current reform processes as well as legal bases. The professional profiles provide you with information on the contents and duration of foreign professional training programs, and also include translated excerpts from relevant training or further training regulations.   

Qualifications of refugees

Country profiles

Professional profiles