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This section will keep you up to date with the latest information about the BQ-Portal, current events and important news related to the recognition of professional qualifications.
From Quick Check to job listings: „Make it in Germany” app is now available for all Apple and Android tablets and smartphones. Once installed, you will have the entire world of “Make in Germany” with you – every time, everywhere. The quick access and a clear design allow a user-friendly handling.
The new app informs refugees about possibilities of recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany. The app "Recognition in Germany" is available in the five main languages spoken by refugees, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Tigrinya and Pashto, as well as in English and in German. The app is compatible with Android, IOS and Windows. It offers an introduction into the subject "Professional Recognition" explains the recognition process in a simple language and provides links to the information and counselling services.
On 11-13 April, the International Government Achievements Exhibition (DIGAE 2016) takes place for the fourth time in Dubai. This year, the conference is held under an overarching theme “Government Innovation, Incubator for Citizens' Happiness”. Local government entities as well as international authorities, institutions and ministries will showcase their innovative programs and effective projects in public administration. DIGAE facilitates an open dialogue on the effectiveness and efficiency of performance in public administration and offers a forum for transfer of public service excellence. DIGAE is designed to demonstrate how effective public governance impacts competitiveness, citizens’ happiness, economic resilience, innovation acceleration, infrastructure roll-out, Cleantech investments, healthcare coverage and tourism attractiveness.
During a two-day workshop “Migration and Skills: Successful Labour Market Integration through Professional Recognition Systems”, the organisations involved in labour market integration of migrants from six different European countries gained valuable insights into the BQ-Portal project, a European Public Sector Award (EPSA) winner of 2015.
What is the BQ-Portal about and why is it so important for the professional recognition? Who is responsible for assessing foreign credentials in Germany? In what way does the BQ-Portal assist competent bodies and companies in assessing foreign professional qualifications? How can competent bodies and companies use the BQ-Portal? What information can they find in the BQ-Portal? The new BQ-Portal explainity video answers all these questions.
From now on, Alliance for initial and further training has its own website. The partners in the Alliance have a shared interest in improving and strengthening the dual system. The business community, the trade unions, the Federation and the Länder want to work together in the Alliance for Initial and Further Training and ensure that vocational training remains fit for the future and promote it amongst young people and their parents, in schools and higher education institutions, and in society in general.
As of January 18, 2016, the Recognition Act was revised: from now on, the citizens of the European Union or European Economic Area can submit their application and all relevant documents online. Furthermore, their applications will be processed by a single contact point. This application procedure will apply, at first, only to the regulated professions in the federal responsibility.
Germany is faced with the immense challenge of integrating thousands of refugees. The most successful path to integration is through the workplace. Refugees bring with them motivation, energy and commitment. Many of them are qualified professionals. Moreover, while fleeing from their home country, they gained a wide range of experiences useful for German employers. Refugees in Germany are eager to find a job and contribute actively to the society they live in. For refugees, employment is a new start in a new country and an opportunity to find home in Germany. For companies, employing refugees is an opportunity to fill open positions and invest in the future. Due to the demographic change and ageing society, many companies find it difficult to recruit the qualified professionals they need. The fact that the majority of refugees who come to us are under 35 years old enables companies to find and bind the employees they need.
EPSA Award
The BQ Portal was recognised as the best and most innovative performer in public administrations across Europe. During an award ceremony which took place on 18 November, the BQ Portal was awarded the European Public Sector Award trophy in the European/national/regional category by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA).
In Germany thanks to the three central information portals for recognition of foreign professional qualifications, “BQ-Portal”, “Recognition in Germany” and “anabin”, there is a wide range of information on the recognition process. From now on, the new project “ProRecognition” aims to offer also in other countries comprehensive information on the possibilities of having foreign qualifications recognised in Germany.