Relaunch of Recognition in Germany

The information portal of the Federal Government on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications has been revised and offers new features!

The information portal "Recognition in Germany" (AiD) presents itself in a new look.

The most important changes from BQ-Portal view: From now on, you can access the categories - skilled workers and professionals - via a central access page in separate areas with individually tailored information. The skilled workers section offers information in 11 languages, and will help you to find out how and where you can have your foreign vocational qualification recognised. As professionals and therefore employees of advice and recognition centres, you will find in-depth specialist information in German and English. 
The Recognition Finder has also been fundamentally revised by the Recognition Team in Germany. For example, the online tool now asks for the current whereabouts and country of origin of the degree. In addition, the system checks without obligation whether the requirements for professional recognition are basically fulfilled for skilled workers.  
Note: Due to the relaunch, it may be that links or bookmarks you have used up to now need to be updated.