First training in the field of professional recognition successfully completed

In March the DGB training institute conducted the first training course “In-company Professionals for Recognition”. Overall, twelve participants attended the one-week training. The majority of them were the works and staff councils from various industry sectors and companies of different size.

The aim of the course was to guide the future “Professionals for Recognition” how to make the opportunities introduced by the Recognition Act of 2012 more well-known at the sector level.  Besides, the participants were counseled to identify the demands for professional recognition and to support them with services that meet unique needs of the applicants. The DGB Training Institute states that the participants were highly motivated since they have already been confronted with the challenges of the professional recognition in the company or among acquaintances. During the sessions the participants got acquainted with professional know-how, were given concrete recommendations and were shown the possible courses of action to be taken in case the demand for professional recognition is identified.

While the newly trained “Professionals for Recognition” put instruments, recommendations and concepts they learned into practice, the DGB training institute plans to hold the next training in October.

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