Assistance opportunities

How does the recognition process work and how can you assist the employees in having their foreign qualifications recognized?

Opportunities of being of assistance

An application for an equivalency review can be submitted only by the individual seeking assessment of their professional qualifications. Applications are not accepted from (potential) employers. However, companies can assist their employees or job applicants in the assessment process in several ways. Find here an overwiew of the assesment process and opportunities of being of assistance.

Documents to be submitted

You can assist your employees in gathering the documents required for the assessment process and filling out the application form. Find here a list of the documents to be submitted, along with comments [in German]. Please bear in mind that the assessment authority can ask the applicant to provide additional documents if required. Thus, once the application has been submitted it is advisable to ask the assessment authority whether the documents provided are sufficient.

Choice of German reference qualification

The reference qualification is the current corresponding German qualification with which the foreign qualification is to be compared. The reference qualification determines whether applicants need to have their qualifications recognized in order to practise the occupation in Germany and which assessment authority is responsible for the case.

Identifying the right reference qualification is therefore the starting point of any recognition procedure. However, this is not always easy since a direct translation of the title of a foreign professional qualification may not be helpful. The more suitable the choice of German qualification in terms of training content and occupational experience, the greater the chance of success in the equivalency review. If several options are available, the assessment authorities help the applicants to select the most suitable one. However, you can also assist the applicant in identifying the correct reference qualification.