Assist in the process

On this page you can find out how companies can support the recognition process from start to finish. Depending on whether the skilled worker is applying from abroad or from within Germany, the options for support differ in some cases.
Before the procedure

Select a possible reference occupation

Before the application is submitted, certain requirements are checked at the competent office. For example, the eligibility to apply is determined and checked whether the foreign professional qualification falls within the area of ​​responsibility of the competent body. This depends on the relevant German reference occupation. The foreign professional qualification is compared with this.

The professional qualification that has the most correspondence with the applicant's proven knowledge and skills and thus has the greatest chance of success in achieving full equivalence is used as the reference. When selecting the reference occupation, both vocational training and work experience are considered. If there are several alternatives for the reference occupation, the employee of the responsible body determines the reference occupation in agreement with the applicant. You, too, can discuss with the applicant in advance which reference occupation you consider suitable.

Find the competent authority

Which chamber is responsible for processing the respective application depends on the one hand on the desired German reference occupation and on the other hand on the place of residence of the applicant. With the recognition finder on the Recognition in Germany portal, you can find the responsible office in just a few clicks.

Support in the preparation of the documents

The application for recognition of equivalence must be submitted directly by the applicant to the responsible body. The exception is the accelerated procedure for skilled workers in the context of immigration from third countries: In this case the company forwards all documents to the competent immigration authority with the authority of the skilled worker.

In both cases, you can provide support in preparing the documents for recognition.

BQFG §§ 5 and 12 specify which documents must be submitted for the assessment and recognition of foreign professional qualifications. This includes, for example, a curriculum vitae in tabular form and translated evidence of qualifications. Our interactive PDF checklist "Necessary documents" will help you and the applicant to put together the most important documents. Please note that the responsible office can request further evidence (e.g. certification or translations) if required. Therefore it makes sense to inquire directly with the responsible office whether and in what form additional documents need to be submitted.

Use support offers

The recognition process can vary in individual cases. You should therefore use the existing information and support services, for example the IQ network and your local professional chambers. You can find out which contact person is available for companies in general in our section of the same name.

Applicants can find out more about the recognition procedure and possible alternatives at numerous contact points. The advice center finder of Recognition in Germany provides guidance here.

During the procedure

Be available as a contact person

Once all the required documents have been submitted, the recognition process usually takes up to three months. In the case of the accelerated specialist procedure, the processing time is reduced to two months.

It can be very helpful for the responsible office if you are available as a contact person for queries during the recognition procedure in case further documents need to be submitted or the reference occupation is adjusted again after reviewing the documents.

How long does the recognition process take?

Evaluate the notification of recognition

The result of the recognition process is recorded in writing by the competent body on a so-called recognition notice. You can find out how to read the various results under the heading "The notification of recognition".

If required: support with the adaptation qualification

If a partial equivalence of the qualification has been determined, a so-called adjustment qualification to achieve full equivalence is possible. This can take place in your company, for example. You can find out more under the heading "Adaptation qualification".